Best Hot Brew Coffee Recipe

Coffee addicts are constantly looking for the best coffee, they are usually trying new concoctions and hunting down the best cafes. It really is an uphill task to keep up with the new trends in coffee. You also do not know what they put in your coffee drink. The only way to ensure that you are master of your own drinks is to prepare them yourself.
The benefits of preparing your coffee yourself include: you control what ingredients go into your coffee. How much coffee is added to your drink, is entirely up to you. So you will likely end up with a much healthier drink and preparing your on coffee means you can save some money. So if you are going to prepare your own coffee at home you need to be aware which device will deliver the best quality coffee with just a push of a button. Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista is one of the best espresso machines especially for a morning person out there. it is automatic meaning you do not need much to operate it The machine is easy to operate, clean and very user-friendly. It is also very affordable. Let’s explore some Hot brew Coffee recipes you can use to prepare your hot drink at home.

1. Low Carb Mocha.
If you are paying attention to the number of carbohydrates consumed instead of fat – important for diabetic diets- then you probably haven’t bought your coffee from a coffee shop in a while. very many of them the products sold in such shops have very high sugar content and also include other types of bad carbohydrates that could be harmful to you. This revelation does not mean that you have to give up on coffee entirely. The Low Carb Mocha gives you a high caffeine drink with low carbohydrates. So How do you prepare it? First, brew the coffee in your coffee maker as you normally would. The coffee will be ready, pour the coffee to a cup, add some flavored almond milk to the cup and instead of sugar add stevia to the cup. there you have it. A great cup of coffee with no sugar and limited fat. Doesn’t get any healthier than this.

2. Honey Coffee Recipe
The British have been adding milk and honey in their tea for decades. it natural to add milk to your coffee. So have you tried adding honey to your coffee? What do you think it would taste like? The answer to that is great. How you prepare this type of coffee. you brew your coffee as per usual. When ready, add a half a cup of milk to your coffee cup then add a teaspoon or two of honey to your drink. Honey is a great substitute for sugar and it also brings with it to your cup its extra flavor.

3. Gingerbread Spice Coffee Recipe
When the holidays come around everybody flocks to the nearest coffee shop in search of the Christmas smell. Well, you don’t have to be one of those. you can prepare your own magical experience at home. So you start by brewing your coffee normally. then you add some milk to the cup. You add some ginger and any other spices you feel are necessary. stir your cup, add some whipped cream and your gingerbread spiced coffee is ready to go.

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