Cooking Notes


A recent study in the Journal of Environmental Health claims that the microwave oven is ideal for sterilizing sponges and cooking utensils.

Scientists at the University of Florida used the microwave at maximum intensity and in 4 minutes say they can keep 99% of bacteria, viruses, spores and parasites.

In their study, Bitton and a group of scientists soaked sponges and brushes in sewage with a high content of fecal bacteria, viruses, protozoan parasites, and spores. With the exception of spores, the furnace totally eliminated those organisms in just four minutes. It took ten minutes for the spores.

With information taken from ProMED-mail and Terra


The company Play-Doh has brought to the market on the occasion of the 50th anniversary a perfume reminiscent of preschool and plasticine, after watching the movie “Perfume” and with this news I think it should be quite fun to have a box like those of the Aromas of wine but of “aromas of childhood”, mine would surely have aromas and smells of:

Dimetap, mercurichrome, mass of cakes of the toy horn, plasticine, tempera, eras and mongol tip number 2, prismacolores, eras nata, rain on earth, colonies that my grandmothers used and put me in the nose when I was dizzy , Beach water, melted cheese, a kind of frescolita that they sold in CumanĂ¡, mango jelly, sighs, the level they used so that one did not burn in the sun, pool chlorine, condensed milk, jhonson shampoo, band aids, vitamin C Roche chewable, lemonade, freshly cut grass, green bayonet, new caribbean notebooks, envelope soup, maggi cubes, chocolate savoy, ariel laundry soap, soap keys, toast with butter and sugar, tupperware, tang, toddy, Nucite, old cow, papaupa, thawed meat in the dishwasher, clay, hirudoi, bone plum, tamarind,French fries, green bananas, fried fish, estoa, cans of soft drinks from before, ascent to Julia in El Avila in the forest, cachito with rich malt, rust pipes in my school canteen, biscuit mary, Chicken soup, the CCCT fair …

Well, I guess much more that do not come to mind at this time.

I forgot … for those who ask where I get the information … generally from other blogs and news that I have organized by themes in blog lines, every night I come to check that there is again.