Naturally, people eat to improve their physical health. Little attention is given to foods that specifically enhance your feelings, thoughts, and mood- emotional health.

There is no scientific evidence of foods that reduce brain activity, but vice versa is documented by researchers.

Just as you take care of your physical well being, equally, you need to work on your emotional health, for they go hand in hand with overall health.

How do you know you have good emotional health?

  • When you successfully process and deal with any negative emotions that upset you
  • The moment you have high curiosity levels with positive reactions to it
  • Can exercise self-judgment, compassion and self-love for personality evaluation
  • If you can sail through a storm- financial or emotional-without including emotions in judgment

Handling your emotions involve a collective responsibility in behavior and the foods that you eat. There is a thin line between emotional health and mental health.

Once you take foods that enhance brain activity as well as improve your psychological feeling, then you are on the right road to proper mental and emotional health.

Some of the foods include fruits and vegetables, which are better taken when raw to ensure you get maximum nutrients. In case you opt to cook them, take care of the mode of preparation.

You need to wash the vegetables whether you cook or just eat them as they are. Some go a notch higher than others by washing them with warm or hot water.

It’s advisable to invest in tankless water heaters to save on electricity and to hasten the process. If you lack an idea of what’s best, then look at the following heater on the market.

Which are these foods and their specific nutrients?

  1. Nuts and seafood

Nuts and seafood contain Omega 3 renowned for proper brain functioning according to a study by the British Psychiatry department. The healthy fat in these foods helps to hasten brain development even in adults to fight anxiety and depression.

Once the brain has full control of emotions, positive and negative feelings, then you are confident to say you have reasonable emotion control—a clear explanation of proper emotional health.

  1. Vegetable oils and fat

Health experts warn people to avoid fats, but they are never specific on the specific fat to avoid in excess. Plant oils like in Avocado have Oleic acid– a fatty component –which supports proper brain functioning, giving you the power to have control of your cognitive function.

As mentioned earlier, your emotional health begins from the brain. Once it’s working at optimum levels, then you are sure you are in good emotional health too. They are also found in dairy products, sunflower seeds, olives, eggs, among others.

  1. Green leafy vegetables

The color of the food is not just for aesthetic value but has a specific function in terms of nutrients and macronutrients when it comes to cell operations in the body. In specific to emotional health, these food types help in the oxidation process, which enhances metabolism and reduction of body inflammation.

The ripple effect of this is the production of hormones responsible for happiness. As long as you are happy, then you have control of everything that goes around you. Have you seen people who overreact to even small situations?

There is a possibility there are not in good mental health. Either they are using drugs or foods that suppress these hormones.

  1. Mushrooms

The two benefits of mushrooms to mental health include first its ability to lower the blood sugar level. High blood sugar increases the level of anxiety- poor mental health. Secondly, mushroom works directly on the central nervous system to bring a calming effect, thus changing the thought patterns to a positive angle.

Apart from that, it brings about a sharp mental focus, attention, and general brain acuity. This is part of the body that controls all your feelings and thoughts. Once it in a state of stable health –healthy mind-then, you are sure of a more focused and reasonable individual.

  1. Fruits and vegetables

When looking for a weight loss diet, fruits and vegetables never miss on the list. The weight is also responsible for boosting your self-esteem and confidence level, a personal attribute most people strive to achieve.

Fruits have a variety of nutrients and macronutrients responsible for different brain functions. It decreases the risk of developing stress, anxiety, and depression. Once all these are kept at bay, then you can say you are in a state of mental stability –“sane.”

Fruits contain various vitamin types that help in the repair of worn-out tissues. The improvement in immune response means hastens the healing process of minor ailments and inflammation.

This is one way of improving your thoughts, feelings, and mood. Are you happy when faced with an ailment?

The food type help increases your appetite compromised by the ailments and further fastens the healing process. Within no time, you are in good physical and emotional health.

As much as we advocate for food as a natural remedy to treat brain malfunctioning, they shouldn’t replace conventional medicine when dealing with a brain disorder. They only work when all other body functions work at optimum levels. If not, stick to the prescribed medicine and use the foods as a way of enhancing your health in general.

Its evident food plays a significant role in the state of your psychological and physical health. Anything you do whether work-related or just activities that involve decision making, your state of emotional health plays a significant role.

Take good care of it by whichever means possible; the results are evident even in your behavioral and lifestyle patterns.