Most people primarily see the kitchen as a place for preparing home meals alone. As such, they see little to no reason to pay special attention to the kitchen. Some architects and home designers only carve out a small portion of the home to serve as the kitchen.

The kitchen, however, is an integral part of the home. A place you wind up at the end of a stressful day to cook yourself a hearty meal. Nothing feels as exhausting as a cluttered kitchen, especially those with a small space.

Irrespective of the architectural design of your kitchen, it’s possible to arrange it in a way that allows you sufficient space to make yourself those spicy meals. Here are some ideas:

1.  Your Sink Takes Up Space

In a standard kitchen, you can use a double sink that makes doing your dishes easier. But when you’re managing space, a double sink becomes too much of a luxury.

Using a single sink would save you extra space, and serve the same purpose a double sink would do for you.

2.  Build a Ceiling-High Cabinet

Installing a shorter cabinet would make it easy for everyone to reach the top of the shelve. But when space is more important, you can sacrifice some comfort.

There’s no need to reduce your cabinet by one foot when you can go all the way up to the ceiling. You can use a stool to make up for the height. A roof reaching cabinet will provide more extensive area space.

3.  Use Baskets on Top of Your Shelve

If you can’t have a kitchen cabinet reaching the ceiling, consider using baskets to stack up some things on top of the shelve. The baskets would serve as extra storage space.

Put away all the kitchen clutter in your basket. Water bottles, plastic cups, small kitchen appliances, can all find their way into the basket and free up space for you.

4.  Keep Your Kitchen Arranged

An organized kitchen makes cooking an enjoyable experience. An unorganized cooking area makes a few items take up all so much space.

Have a specific spot for everything in the kitchen. Set out a particular portion of your cabinet for your cutleries, the plates, the children’s cups, and anything else in there. An organized kitchen frees up space for you.

5.  Prioritize Keeping the Kitchen Cool

Cooking raises the temperature of the space, even in a large kitchen. A small sized kitchen is worse as the whole place quickly gets all hot.

Use evaporative cooling systems, for instance, to ensure you maintain the kitchen at a conducive temperature while making yourself that your favorite meal.

Carefully consider all your cooling choices when planning a purchase, and go for one that’ll give you some kitchen space, and still serve its purpose. A ceiling-mounted system, for instance, would be a wiser alternative.

6.  Use Wall Mounted Storage

The wall can serve for extra storage space, and provide additional room on the ground. Artworks on the wall would make your kitchen elegant, but when you need that extra space, you must make some adjustments.

Install wall hangers to hold up as much as you want on them. Hang your pots, towels, knives, and other kitchen equipment you put up on the wall.

7.  Does the Kitchen Require a Door?

Are you wondering what a door has to do with your kitchen space? It takes up the area used for opening and closing.

The kitchen door is more about style than protection. It’s easy to take the gate out and provide additional storage space in there. You might find that space you need for your fridge when the door makes way.

8.  Use Sticking Pegs

Behind each cupboard door, install sticking pegs to provide extra storage space. While the cupboard holds its usual contents, the pins give room for even extra stuff.

Split up some of your cooking spices, and store them in smaller packets, these packets can find their way hanging on those pegs behind the cupboard doors. It’ll be easier for you to pick each pack when you need to use them, and provide you with extra kitchen space.


Create all the space that’ll make your kitchen the source of refreshment for you. Invest in equipment and hardware that’ll make even the smallest of kitchen space spacious enough for even more than a single cook at a time.