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We are a website dedicated to the culinary arts. In particular, we give special attention to Western cuisine.

The term ‘Western cuisine’ is often confused with other things, but what exactly does it mean? Generally, Western cuisine derives most of its methods from French cuisine. We will be giving you a rich history of how French cuisine was modernized when the rest of the world was using archaic cooking methods. As a result, most of the modern cooking practices can trace their origins to French cuisine.

 Western cuisine has many rules, and we will be explaining each one of them to you. For example, you need to cook soups and salads in a specific way to avoid losing the flavor periods. We will also explain to you why the Nordic countries have a unique cuisine. You will learn why Nordic cuisine is becoming famous in many Western countries, and it may soon replace French cuisine.



Western cuisine has many unique cooking methods. Consequently, it is important to understand each unique method so that you can prepare delicious meals. In general, there are two types of cooking methods in the Western world. These are the dry heat cooking and moist heat cooking methods.

 The moist heat cooking method is a cooking method where the chef uses liquids. Blanching is a type of moist heat cooking where you partially place the food in water to extract external membranes. You can place the food in cold water or in rapidly boiling water. Alternatively, you can use oil.

Dry heat methods include baking, roasting, grilling, and barbecuing. Baking is where you use an oven to prepare fish, meat, and vegetables at high temperatures. For roasting, you will need an uncovered pan to cook your meals. Grilling is where you expose your food directly to heat. The other methods involve the use of grills, solid surfaces, and skillet.



Our success story started in the year 2009, when we launched our blog. We had been concerned with the rise of obesity and unhealthy eating habits around the world. Our resolve was so high that we published more than 100 articles promoting Western cuisine in the first two years.

 Once we discovered that people were getting excited about our blogs, we created a new website. By 2015, we had 15 full-time writers, dietitians, and nutritionists. They took the mantle of creating informative diet articles. We hope that the journey we started more than 12 years ago will inspire other people to adopt healthy eating habits.


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