There are many popular Western recipes. They include:

French Fries

French fries are the most popular Western meal, and it can be found in all countries in the world. French fries commonly come with spices and ketchup. It’s especially very common among university students.


The recipe for preparing pasta is quite simple. Once you have prepared the pasta, you can add any accompaniment to make it more delicious. Pasta is also popular because it has many health benefits.


Another popular recipe is the hot dog. This recipe includes the preparation of bacon meat and rolls of beef. Once the meat is fully cooked, you can add sausages and other delicious toppings. Unfortunately, this meal is not popular in the Arab world because pork is prohibited there.


Pizza is a very common food in many fast food joints. It came to the forefront at the turn of the millennium when many tourists from the Western world spread it throughout the world. Pasta has a myriad of recipes for every person. Nevertheless, the original recipe consisting of vegetables, cheese, and meat chops remains a key feature.


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