The attractive and modern kitchen you admire in a friend’s house is not about a lot of money put in it but a touch of creativity here and there.

A change in a few things can completely give your kitchen a facelift. As a woman, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen; when it’s neat and attractive, it motivates you to emulate that in your recipes.

What are the simple and affordable things that give your kitchen that beautiful look? Before we look into that?

Why do you need a beautiful kitchen?

  • Improves the value of your home
  • Encourages you to try new and exciting recipes
  • Enhances efficiency in meal preparation
  • Provides additional storage space
  • Enhance your comfort while in the kitchen
  • Aids in fast cleaning and clutter removal

Here are a few ways to make your kitchen attractive

Dress your windows

What is the use of your windows? Is it for lighting only? If that is the purpose, then it’s time to redefine the functioning of your kitchen window.

Since it’s the lighting point, it means it’s also a focal point. Therefore, you need to add some additional accessories to it to give it that look, which further makes your kitchen attractive.

Here are a few ideas for it

Use colorful curtains in line with the kitchen color theme
Replace the curtain boxes with curtain rods
Hang some flowers on flower pots at the end of the window
Give your window a new paint finish
Maintain a high level of cleanliness on the windows
Add colorful sheer curtains

Hide small appliances to declutter your kitchen

The kitchen is the place you have small devices that clutter your worktop. That’s the reason you have cabinets below the worktop and on the upper spaces.

Therefore, declutter your kitchen by hiding the small appliances in the storage points. Don’t just throw them have away. You arrange them in an organized manner.

Follow these golden rules to declutter your kitchen spaces

  • Buy what you need
  • As you buy, think of storage is not leave it until you have an answer
  • Keep dish towels that you need the rest discard
  • Let your countertop be clear and free from kitchen tools
  • Use standalone trolleys to keep grocery and spices
  • Have storage cabinets with definite storage ideas
  • Keep utensils that you need
  • Invest in kitchen organizers for better storage options

Play with lighting systems

There is no way you expect to have a bright kitchen when you stick to dull colors. If you have to get that attractive look, then paint your walls with bright colors for the natural light to reflect for that perfect look. One advantage of a radiant light system is that it hides noises, cracks on walls, and dents on your cabinets to achieve that attractive look.

Remodel your decorative tools

When did you last have a change in your garnishing tools and ideas? If it has taken years, then it’s time to break the monotony and try something new to elevate your kitchen standards. The new one should have a different idea and theme than the predecessor.

Style your breakfast spot

If you are in an open kitchen set up, then have a complete look at your breakfast spot. Change the flowers and the flower vases.

But new dining table mats, of course, in line with the theme colors. Do this annually or semi-annually to have that unique look.

Use artwork

What do you have on your walls? Have you left it as the painters had done? Apart from the windows, no, have a focal point on the walls and include some artwork to make it pleasing to the eyes.

Use stainless steel finish for appliances.

Naturally, the metal finishing creates some ambiance of class and attraction to a home. In the kitchen, with a grey theme, you will notice the difference.

Why not enhance it even to appliances which have a different color theme to compliment the current one?

It would be best if you had some caution, especially when dealing with metal in the kitchen since it’s a good conductor and can cause other hazardous accidents; therefore, a metal detector comes in handy as a preventive measure.

As part of your facelift, purchase one; Garrett metal detectors stands out as a great brand for that purpose.

Use a light color effect.

Minimize the light monotony by also including other lighting features of different colors. As you focus on the bright colors and the lighting effect, throwing in a bit of bright hue of dark colors, it comes in handy to have a dinner set up and romantic setup, which brings a change to your kitchen lighting effect.

You have many ideas when you want to get that attractive look for your kitchen. As you research what works for you, remember your taste and kitchen goals; let them be in line with your kitchen remodeling project.